Monday, February 2, 2009

Action Alert-Energy Codes

On February 10th, City Council will be addressing increased energy codes during their Work Session.
Please attend after 5pm. For agenda go to and click on Agendas and Minutes (not posted yet for next week) or contact me at the number below.
If you are unable to make it to the work session, please send a letter of support to the city council highlighting the following:
We support increasing the current energy codes to that more closely match the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Those include:
1. Floor R-Value= R-30 (currently R-19) The higher the R-value, the higher the efficiency.
2. Basement Wall R-value: R-10 continuous/R-13 cavity
3. Slab R-value and depth: R10 and from the top of the block stem wall down 4 feet or down and under slab in any continuous combination to equal 4 feet
Crawl space wall R-value: R-10 continuous/R-13 cavity
Foam board will be extruded polystyrene.
Air leakage sealing
"Airtight" and "IC" (Insulation contact) for all recessed lighting.
In addition to the IECC, we would like future furnaces to be condensing furnaces (which are more efficient) and CFL and LED lighting in high use areas, and Energy Star refrigerators and appliances.
Energy efficient homes protect homeowners from rising prices. Energy prices are in a long-term upward trend (natural gas has risen 150% since 2000 in Flagstaff).
Coconino County has already adopted most of the IECC. Isn't it time Flagstaff gets on board?
Contact me for more details. Thanks!

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